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They feel 'the finiteness and infiniteness of time' simultaneously.
Spirit" here refers to "a 'sensing' of infiniteness, transcendence, going beyond, wonderment, awe, inexplicability, inconceivability, etc.
Allah explains the infiniteness of His knowledge in the Qur'an as follows: "If all the trees on Earth were pens and all the sea, with seven more seas besides, was ink Allah's words still would not run dry.
Although their destinations may hold much hope for them, they foreground the primacy of infiniteness of the politics of identity formation.
How then the infinite can be conceived; how infinite God can have contact with finite man, since it will limit His infiniteness.
The qualities Jung attributes to the unconscious are freedom, flexibility, vastness, immensity, irrationality, disorder, chaos, darkness, primitiveness, infiniteness etc.
Hence, Death is viewed positively, because it will free the soul from the body and allow it to achieve unity with God, through eternal bliss and happiness in the infiniteness of God's soul.
To see a usefulness of Theorem 2, we show the infiniteness of real quadratic fields with period 8 of minimal type (Example 2).