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Further, Page notes, the study only looks at $225 million in face value of policies sold over a four-year period, which only represents an infinitesimal fraction of the market.
However, I have to warn you that your chances of getting a place of your own are infinitesimal.
Courts have interpreted this to mean the connection ``may be small, as long as it is more than infinitesimal,'' the report says.
He attempts to illustrate this notion by showing how thinking about the impossible has led to various conceptual advancements in mathematics, including the development of irrational and imaginary numbers, use of the infinite and the infinitesimal, and theories of curved space and extra dimensions.
How could the universe, 10 billion light-years in all directions, have been formed from an infinitesimal speck?
Infinitesimal flashes of celestial bodies reach us from the darkness, stellar lights that pulsate with energy.
It doesn't matter how far it moved, and in truth only an infinitesimal displacement occurred--but it would have taken the wind years to move an equivalent amount of sand.
According to the standard view of cosmology, the once infinitesimal universe has ballooned in volume ever since its fiery birth in the Big Bang, but the mutual gravitational tug of all the matter in the cosmos has gradually slowed that expansion.
The NEA appropriation is infinitesimal by any government standards and would not fit properly in any discussion of government waste.
The Company's product menu includes over 400 tests to measure microorganisms, hormones, drugs, and other medically important substances present at infinitesimal concentrations in body fluids and tissues.
When real lines cross, they don't form an infinitesimal Euclidean point.
Positioning such cantilevers above chemical reactions between atoms on a surface, the IBM research team was able to measure infinitesimal releases of heat from the reactions.