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This is obviously important in a study of the infinitive in modal contexts, since, by virtue of being an uninflected form, the infinitive absolute is "incapable of adding a modal nuance that was not already present" (p.
For example, modal predicates such as dunasthai 'can' or chren 'must', desiderative predicates such as boulesthai 'want', epithumein 'desire', or thelein 'want', and manipulative predicates such as anankazein 'force' or keleuein 'order' take infinitive complements only.
Barr (1989: 107) also discusses the possibility that verbs whose prefix tense contains an a theme vowel may once have had a matching infinitive form.
In fact, the OmO infinitive is generally used where a target function would be expected, that is, in combinations with verbs of motion, e.
In many cases the the Finnish equivalent of the Saami passive infinitive is -ttAvAksi: Gahpir leai menddo divrras boaldit ~ fi Lakki oli liian kallis polttaa/poltettavaksi 'The cap was too valuable to burn'.
Infinitive is a management consultancy to the Global 1000.
Quirk & Wrenn (1957: 86) mention a tendency for the infinitive to be used "with verbs of motion, rest, and observation, often with durative aspect".
Fix the split infinitive, use a gender-neutral noun and the job is done.
Benson et al [1] define a grammatical collocation as a phrase consisting of a dominant word (noun, adjective and adverb) and a preposition or grammatical structure such as infinitive or clause.
The software major has also inked a binding deal to acquire another mortgage platform, Infinitive, for an upfront payment of $2.
The English-speaking world may be divided into (1) those who neither know nor care what a split infinitive is; (2) those who do not know, but care very much; (3) those who know and condemn; (4) those who know and approve; and (5) those who know and distinguish.
It carries out infinitive frequency control according to the requirement to realize the best effect.