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Some of the previous studies on the Germanic reflexes of reduplication include: Brugmann/Wood (1895) - ablaut theory, Lehmann (1952) - laryngeal explanation, van Coetsem (1956) - reverse analogy, Bech (1969) - infixation, Voyles (1980), Fulk (1987) - e-infix Vennemann (1994) - phonological explanation.
Internal, or infixing, reduplication is a common subtype both of reduplication and of infixation.
The possibility of viewing Noni as having featural infixation raises the more general question of how full-segment infixes fit into the asymmetries we have been discussing.
The remaining five papers are cases studies examining particular theoretical issues within OT, including the acoustics of epenthetic vowels in Lebanese Arabic, the onset of the prosodic word, infixation as morpheme absorption, and vowel length in Arabic verb stems.
1) The structural part of this analysis resorts to standard terminology, in terms of which affixation can be broken down into confixation (when affixes do not interrupt roots and are not interrupted themselves, as in suffixation, prefixation, and interfixation), infixation (when affixes that interrupt roots but are not interrupted themselves), circumfixation (when affixes do not interrupt roots but are interrupted themselves) and transfixation (when affixes interrupt roots and are intemipted by elements of roots themselves).