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You will soon be well again; though the jerk you gave my leaders must have a tendency to inflame the shoulder, yet you will do, you will do, You were rather flurried, I sup pose, and not used to horses; but I forgive the accident for the motive; no doubt you had the best of motives; yes, now you will do.
Liquor in large quantities was distributed among the slum classes further to inflame their minds.
Life in Paris is a cruel ordeal for impressionable natures, the great inequalities of fortune or of position inflame their souls and stir up bitter feelings.
And now he saw by the heap of shavings still fresh at his feet, that, for him and his work, the former lapse of time had been an illusion, and that no more time had elapsed than is required for a single scintillation from the brain of Brahma to fall on and inflame the tinder of a mortal brain.
If however, from too much conversing with material objects, the soul was gross, and misplaced its satisfaction in the body, it reaped nothing but sorrow; body being unable to fulfil the promise which beauty holds out; but if, accepting the hint of these visions and suggestions which beauty makes to his mind, the soul passes through the body and falls to admire strokes of character, and the lovers contemplate one another in their discourses and their actions, then they pass to the true palace of beauty, more and more inflame their love of it, and by this love extinguishing the base affection, as the sun puts out the fire by shining on the hearth, they become pure and hallowed.
No sooner, therefore, had this symptom appeared, than he had immediate recourse to the said remedy, which though, as it is usual in all very efficacious medicines, it at first seemed to heighten and inflame the disease, soon produced a total calm, and restored the patient to perfect ease and tranquillity.
Some remembrance of old Valentines, wherein a cherub, less appropriately attired for a proverbially uncertain climate, had been seen conducting lovers to the altar, might have been fancied to inflame the ardour of his timber toes.
Amman, July 13 (Petra) -- Jordan, on Sunday, warned Israel that its policies and measures against the Al-Aqsa Mosque and denying access to Muslim worshippers into the mosque would inflame "the fires of hatred and violence".
We all know that Sky News is a London-based news corporation owned by Rupert Murdoch, the Jewish media mogul; and hence explaining the motives behind its eagerness to inflame public anarchy in Bahrain.
Nothing should be done to inflame matters, and China will handle the issue as a responsible major power, he added.
It's true that there are some who are trying to exploit the (Burj Abi Haidar) incident to inflame sectarian strife or to achieve small gains.
The Inflame Away-Celadrin(TM) Heart of Hollywood radio show is hosted by Joe Sutton.