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Cardiovascular Inflammation Therapeutics - Products under Investigation by Universities/Institutes 15
The researchers saw that lipoxin A4 encouraged natural killer cells to decrease inflammation by facilitating eosinophil cell death.
The battle goes on inside the body between the two powerful hormones, provoking internal stress and silent inflammation without the awareness of the victim.
In a state of chronic inflammation, glial cells "get excited and work against the system," she says.
Scientists studying inflammation are trying to identify the genes that drive inflammation as well as biomarkers from throughout the course of inflammation.
In many ways, silent inflammation can be considered "silent pain" in that the immune system continues to attack at the cellular level but without the perception of pain.
What to do: This study suggests, but can't prove, that omega-3 fats reduce levels of inflammation.
A MRI taken Wednesday revealed the inflammation but nothing more serious.
The absence of active inflammation in the brain, as revealed by MRI scans enhanced by the contrast agent called gadolinium, appears to be a good benchmark of treatment success.
It also displays an anatomic and histologic diversity that ranges from classic noncaseating granulomatous inflammation to variable acute and chronic inflammation.
Research has demonstrated that the degree of inflammation in one's arteries is a better predictor of heart attack and stroke than cholesterol testing alone.
Read the full report: Inflammation Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2013 http://www.