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MD Biosciences provides the most advanced products and pre-clinical services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies engaged in inflammations and neurology research.
Dr Meilin received her PhD from the University of Bar Ilan, Israel, and performed post-doctoral research related to Alzheimer's disease and inflammation at the Tel Aviv University.
The acute exudative inflammatory phase of a nonspecific inflammation is marked by swelling and the presence of fetid debris.
The pathogenesis of nonspecific inflammation involves a maceration of the meatal skin (as a result of mechanical or chemical damage), allergy, or diabetes.
The investigation of a nonspecific inflammation should involve otoscopy, bacteriology and mycology, irrigation and cleaning, audiography and tuning-fork tests, and sometimes Schuller's-view radiography to exclude mastoiditis.
Ingrown toenails: Inflammation at the edge of the toenail, where the nail grows into the skin rather than outward toward the end of the toe, can be caused by wearing shoes that are too tight, which alters the shape of the nail.
Heel pain: Inflammation or irritation of the heel can be a sign of heel spurs, formed by extra bone buildup where the heel meets the arch.
Arch pain: People with high-arch feet and flat feet are especially prone to arch pain, which is the result of inflammation of the ligament on the bottom of your foot.