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News How the inflatable assault course could look when it arrives at the Albert Dock in May
The SIDC will provide services to SMEs like technical know how and reverse engineering of thermo laminated machinery, prototype development sample and manufacturing for all sizes bladders, basket balls and thermo laminated balls of all sizes, mold making services, laboratory facility for testing of raw material and all kind of balls as per FIFA standards and manufacturing of mechanized inflatable soccer balls, basket balls and volley ball.
A spokesperson said: "Let your little ones loose across our high energy inflatable arenas.
It included other inflatables that participants could take part in separately or in addition to the Labyrinth Challenge.
A comprehensive series of frontal impact sled tests was completed on rear-facing-only CRS installed with an inflatable seatbelt simultaneously with a CRS installed with a standard seatbelt.
The Labyrinth Challenge is the latest inflatable fun to come to the Midlands.
There is also the option to hire the Labyrinth Challenge course and Inflatable Village for exclusive corporate use on Friday June 30, for between 50 and 2,000 people.
The business of inflatables rentals has been thriving for the past decade in the United States.
The range of inflatable products is amazing from inflatable disco domes, golf simulators, and inflatable churches to full size inflatable pubs.
At NASA's Langley Research Centre in Hampton several engineers are at work to develop the lightweight inflatable heat shield suitable for real time deployment.
com, the inflatable church allows you to "bring the church to the bride, rather than the other way around.
However, if you do find yourself being blown out to sea, stay on the inflatable.