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My own reading of the situation for what it is worth--" he inflated his chest enormously and looked insolently around him at the words-- "is that evolution has advanced under the peculiar conditions of this country up to the vertebrate stage, the old types surviving and living on in company with the newer ones.
Her feelings were as inflated spiritually as they had been an hour ago esthetically, before she lost Baedeker.
Suddenly a very little counsel with a terrific bass voice arises, fully inflated, in the back settlements of the fog, and says, "Will your lordship allow me?
Morland's account of it was no inflated representation, no studied appeal to their passions.
She bounded from one end of the tiny room to the other, stooped down, and raised herself again, with a little poniard in her hand, before Gringoire had even had time to see whence the poniard came; proud and angry, with swelling lips and inflated nostrils, her cheeks as red as an api apple,* and her eyes darting lightnings.
He pointed out particularly the lightness of everything, the use of exhausted aluminium tubing, of springy cushions inflated with compressed hydrogen; the partitions were hydrogen bags covered with light imitation leather, the very crockery was a light biscuit glazed in a vacuum, and weighed next to nothing.
This so inflated them that they did various dodgy things to get staying up still longer, such as demanding bandages; but Wendy, though glorying in having them all home again safe and sound, was scandalised by the lateness of the hour, and cried, "To bed, to bed," in a voice that had to be obeyed.
As we walked in the Gardens I told them of the hut they had built; and they were inflated but not surprised.
Vasili Andreevich, who was driving, inflated his cheeks, blowing the breath out through his moustache.
He seemed to put an entirely inflated value upon his own life.
To say that Miss Pink, inflated by the triumph, rose, morally speaking, from the earth and floated among the clouds, is to indicate faintly the effect produced on the ex-schoolmistress when her niece first informed her of what had happened at the farm.
I can see it now as I did then, from the lofty top of the building--that inflated bag drifting along the air, and that tiny speck of a man clinging on beneath.