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Experts say it is difficult to determine the precise reason of higher inflation in a particular city, but it seems that low cross-border trade with India may have impacted the prices of agriculture products in the city, making them more expensive.
On Friday the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) announced that the country's December inflation hit 3.
6 percent inflation rate posted in the same month last year.
Inflation targeting regime is the most efficient mechanism for ensuring price stability and implies the announcement of inflation target and determining the relevant monetary policy to achieve the targeted indicator in the medium term.
In November, the month-on-month cumulative inflation was influenced by core inflation by 0.
inflation clues to increase the uncertainty of inflation, which is not supported in both Pakistan and Iran but not for Indonesia.
Keywords: Persistence, Inflation, Food Inflation, Core Inflation
Inflation expectations are a key consideration for the Bank when setting policy aimed at achieving the principles outlined in the PTA.
CPI measures of inflation paint a more mixed picture of price trends.
Inflation has been lower this year mainly due to lower domestic inflation as a result of falling rents as well as lower foreign inflation owing to declining international food prices.
Some common inflation-forecasting models, known as Phillips curve models, relate inflation to the unemployment rate.
Henry Linder investigate whether breaking down aggregate core inflation into goods inflation and services inflation will yield more accurate predictions.