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This finding may indicate that adolescents with diabetes who over-identify with their illness may respond inflexibly and display poorer adherence and worse disease management; an adolescent with diabetes who fuses with cognitions about their illness and their self may experience discomfort due to this cognitive entanglement and engage in behaviors that are non-adherent in an attempt to alleviate this discomfort.
She may also feel the need to control her thoughts or provide reasons for her shame, which effectively keeps her stuck "in her head," inflexibly gripping a desire for relief from the painful thoughts and feelings.
Patients suffering from emotional disorders, on the other hand, may not restrict this affect-regulating strategy to aversive memories but apply it inflexibly to the whole autobiographical memory base (Hermans et al.
moneylithic the rock hard and inflexibly market-driven world view of an eco rat (ECOnomic RATionalist or ecological rat; polyanagram: eco rat = Ace rot at core
I appreciate the inevitability and indeed wisdom of dicta in the Court's opinion, but I wonder about the desirability of the dicta being quite so inflexibly "legislative.
And yet at the same time he was very much a conservative, inflexibly resolute in his defence of the constitutional status quo in both Church and State.
His correspondence with CSR's local managers reveals a remarkable grasp of the business, an impressive command of detail, a determination to apply principle and precept centrally and inflexibly, and firm resolve about the proper handling of relations with employees.
He vowed to act inflexibly and in tolerantly with any future law-breakers.
We are assured that the brothers enjoyed a close relationship, since both laboured under the inflexibly high expectations of their father and both suffered from the emotional abuse of a succession of sadistic nannies.
Understood as a mechanism to implement this sort of earned release, indeterminate sentencing's apparent conflict with retributivism rests largely on the mistaken premise that retributivism necessarily and inflexibly demands that the same degree of suffering be imposed on all criminals who are guilty of the same offense.
This means that IT systems and billing platforms must no longer be inflexibly "hard-wired" into pre-existing business rules, as has historically been the case.
This acceleration, so well documented in the history of civilization, is perceived by Dewey to characterize inflexibly the life of the individual.