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The use of a inflict such injury immediate can be Judge Liverpool Crown Court heard that McLaughlin was Conrad involved in an argument with some men when the victim and a friend intervened to try to calm the situation down.
The judge told Bowling and Foster: "Why you wished to inflict violence on another human being on Christmas Eve is known only to you.
12) Consequently, a blade with a length of less than 3 inches can produce a fatal stab injury, while an adequately sharp instrument of any length can inflict a fatal slash to a sensitive area, such as the neck.
And in part because repressive governments almost always inflict torture and abuses clandestinely, victims can be helped by having their stories publicly acknowledged.
New Hampshire, which sanctioned the prohibition of "fighting words": words that "by their very utterance inflict injury" or that "tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace.
Foreign Office in a statement in Islamabad said that Pakistan being a victim of terrorism understands the pain and agony that such incidents inflict upon the people and society.
inflict an NICK JONES CALLS FOR " RSPCA inspector Nick Jones said he had never known anything "so inexplicably cruel".
NATURE has already shown us who is the boss And at times has inflicted great human loss When we try to change the course of nature We can inflict on ourselves great danger Nature creates and can just as easily destroy The great force of nature no man could deploy The earth has witnessed nature's unstoppable force We should refrain from altering or changing its course Diverting rivers to build great dams Could damage the infrastructure of other lands With global warming and ice caps melting Soon our earth could be sweltering Mankind is polluting our lands and seas With conglomerates doing just as they please.
The show looks at how weapons and body armour were developed and why some instruments of war were created to inflict the most untreatable and horrific wounds possible.
Any delay in this process will inflict suffering and misery on our domesticated animals and animal cruelty cannot be measured in monetary terms.
Sarah Vasey, 28, of Blackhill Avenue, Wallsend, is alleged to have attempted to inflict grievous bodily harm on the child and is also accused of two cruelty charges.
She said any women could be at risk to be inflicted with the disease that does not necessarily inflict women with family history of cancer.