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The reporter added that a state of confusion and panic prevailed among terrorists as scores of them fled away towards Mugher al-Mir village after they had pulled the bodies of the killed terrorists to cover the heavy losses inflicted upon them.
The accused has been having carnal knowledge of the girl since September 2016 till Dec 3, 2017 and also inflicted injuries on her,' he told the court.
Det Con Rachel Clarke said: "His injuries were so extensive, I didn't know how he could have inflicted them on himself without becoming unconscious.
Brother inflicted s Brian Dowling was sitting on a fortune when he got the chop from the show - at least people still remember him with fondness before Big Brother became a wrong'un.
A court heard Rasoul inflicted serious injuries on the child by shaking it by the ribs for four seconds.
The judge said it was Bowling who inflicted all the blows on Mr Greaves, leaving him with head injuries normally seen in people involved in serious car crashes or falls from great heights.
According to the estimates made by the commissions, damage was inflicted to the crops of some 2,000 farmers.
Summary: Algeria:France's President Francois Hollande said on Thursday in Algiers that he recognises the "suffering" inflicted .
They discuss the historical context of child abuse, inflicted trauma, risk factors, and suspicion, substantiation, or exclusion of inflicted trauma, then accidental and inflicted musculoskeletal trauma; radiological mimickers of physical child abuse, including lesions from leukemia, scurvy, rickets, fractures, bowing deformities, false fractures, dislocations, periosteal new bone formation, and spine and skull conditions; dermatological signs of abuse, such as bruises, abrasions and lacerations, burns, and cultural remedies and folk medicine; and dermatological mimics of bruises, other pattern injuries, and burns.
Some wounds were inflicted with great force, one sufficient to shatter his shoulder bone, some were very deep and some were inflicted when he was trying to shield himself with his arm in a defensive position.
Although inflicted trauma in children often involves the skin and subcutaneous tissues, it is not uncommon to find bruises on the limbs associated with normal non-inflicted 'wear and tear' activities, for example, on toddlers learning mobility.
Dhingra, who presided, said: " If the applicant is able to show that these injuries can be self- inflicted on the same part of the body as were found on his wife, this court shall consider this bail application.