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Eleven stories did not specify the age of either the recipient or inflictor.
In 22 stories there was no identification of the sex of the inflictor or there were multiple inflictors of different sexes.
In 61% of stories, either the recipient or inflictor reached orgasm, and in 24% of stories these orgasms resulted directly from genital injury.
The sex of the inflictor is another area that strongly supports the sexualization of genital injury.
The former is set mainly in New York, with characters that are directly involved with the event as survivors, witnesses, or inflictors.
Children, who learn to rely on violence from their parents as a way of solving problems, become inflictors of violence when they grow up.
Pace pair James Anderson and Ryan Sidebottom were the main inflictors of damage in the innings win at Trent Bridge, which sealed a 2-0 success.
The left was not the only home for narrow minded pain inflictors, of course, for the right had its fair share of them too.
While there is a tendency to view women's experiences as victims of violence as separate and distinct from their experiences as inflictors of violence, the two phenomena are interrelated.
More generally, the discourse offers a devastating critique of socio-political, economic and cultural processes of 'othering' whilst drawing attention to the simultaneous importance of subjectivity--of subjective pain and violence that the inflictors do not often wish to hear about or acknowledge.