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Using these regions to describe the soiling, we can say that the inflowing rear rims design has heaver soiling on the rear tail lights but lighter soiling on the rear license plate than the baseline.
In contrast to the inflowing of the dams, TSS levels of Mafragh estuary waters, were maximum in the wet period reaching 370 mg/l and decreased to 181 mg/l in the dry period (Fig.
The disk itself could be opaque enough to protect inflowing gas from radiation's intense pressure, and disk-powered jets could also carve out cavities that serve as an escape route for the star's photons.
The same evidence is reached by some other studies, which have focused on the case of India and analysed a database containing a time series from 1980 to 2003, especially related to FDI inflowing in the country and C[O.
A hole for the entry of the infected urine inflowing from the metric pump and a drainage hole representing the urethra for draining the urine without any residue were perforated on the cap of the bottle.
The spillover of the Middle East conflicts, Arab/Muslim asylum seekers inflowing Europe illegally through the sea?
The rotation of a sink like Earth cannot spin its inflowing space into rotation with it.
Gravity causes the protostar to shrink, and the gravitational energy lost by the inflowing matter turns into heat, causing the centre of the globule to become very hot.
Inflammatory cells infiltration was also observed at X40 around the degenerating tubules and areas of cell injury at places of the medullary part of the kidney and at these sites the inflowing cells blurred the tubular structure.
These numbers included the apprehension of inflowing and outflowing migrants at the border and in the country; two-thirds were reportedly transit migrants and one-third were labor migrants, with the largest groups coming from Moldova, Georgia, Romania, the Russian Federation and Ukraine.
Large inter-annual differences in ice algae biomass are not uncommon for the Canadian Archipelago and are thought to be a result of variability in the nutrient content of inflowing waters of Pacific origin (Michel et al.