influence against

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Well, then, I may count on you; the Mingotts may count on you; to use your influence against the idea?
I hope you may be able to think so well of me, as to urge no influence against me.
However, we have discovered that there WAS a predisposing influence against you--and there is one uncertainty cleared out of our way, at any rate.
Rehman said following this election Pakistanis will now hold the belief that whoever holds influence against PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari is the 'real influencer'.
But online culture can be toxic sometimes--there can be in-game harassment and bullying--and we think we can be an influence against that.
Whereas China's One Belt One Road global vision of Silk Road connectivity focuses on hard infrastructure projects, the joint Indo-Japanese 'Asia-Africa Growth Corridor' (also known as the 'Freedom Corridor') aims to develop its soft component in skills training, healthcare, education, and other fields, ideally representing the perfect complementarity if both sides would coordinate their efforts for win-win dividends but likely devolving into a 'zero-sum' campaign for influence against one another.
7 ILKAY GUNDOGAN Has done a good job of filling Silva's boots, but did not exert enough influence against a rugged Palace midfield.
The French kid says his team just don't feel the same without the skipper and the presence of his captain leading the troops into battle will offer instant influence against Jupp Heynckes' German superpower.
But the larger game is a struggle of influence against Beijing.
The program of the conference organized by Khalid Al-Hail included five main themes: Doha's role in spreading political Islam and supporting terrorism; the relationship between Qatar and Iran as a major source of regional instability; Qatar's aspirations for global influence against democracy and human rights; free media or the trumpet of terrorism; and, finally, economics, geopolitics and international energy security.
Scott Sinclair 6 Struggled to bring his influence against an organised defence and a full-back who had his measure, pace-wise.
In the 1790s, Thomas Jefferson and his allies sought political advantage by working to solidify his status as the author of the Declaration of Independence as part of their ongoing battle for influence against Hamilton's Federalist Party and its contender for leading "author of Independence," John Adams (Maier 1998).