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Asymptomatic, wild birds infected with mild or lethal influenza subtypes can transmit them to humans via intermediate animals such as domestic poultry and pigs.
In 1957, 1968, and also, recent studies show, in 1918, the strains of influenza that caused so much trouble began as a bird flu, or avian influenza, which suddenly mutated enough to infect people.
Avian Influenza Surveillance in Human as of July 1, 2005.
The influenza viruses currently circulating in the community undergo mutations or genetic reassortment in their surface antigens frequently enough that an annual reformulation of the influenza vaccine is required to achieve adequate protection.
Basler notes that the mouse work was done in a facility especially designed for studying dangerous influenza strains.
Nationwide, about 20,000 people die from influenza every year, but that is often in combination with other illnesses such as pneumonia, according to health officials.
Women who will be 6 or more months pregnant or who will have just delivered during the influenza season
Due to distinct characteristics of the immune system, which typically weakens with age, the elderly can be more susceptible to complications related to influenza and to reduced effectiveness of influenza vaccines compared to younger, healthier people.
Virus survival as a seasonal factor in influenza and poliomyelitis.
Under the UK contract, Chiron has agreed to supply the British government with H5N1 avian influenza vaccine containing Chiron's MF59 adjuvant.
Estimates of influenza deaths generated through multiple approaches contradict the influenza theory, indicating that far more people died from air pollution than originally believed.