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noun absence of ceremony, affability, ease, easiness, easygoingness, familiarity, fellowship, flexibility, freedom, freedom from affectation, friendliness, inexactitude, inexactness, ingenuousness, inobservance, irregularity, latitude, liberty, license, lightness, looseness, naturalness, nonconformity, nonobservance, offhandedness, plainness, relaxation, simplicity, slackness, unaffectedness, unassumingness, unceremoniousness, unconstraint, unorthodoxy, want of formality

INFORMALITY. The want of those forms required by law. Informality is a good ground for a plea in abatement. Com. Dig. Abatement, H 1, 6; Lawes, Pl. 106; Gould, Pl. c. 5, part 1, Sec. 132.

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Table 2 explains the transition from formality to informality at the local level as a continuum with five steps (which range from legal agreements to behavior in certain situations).
Commenting on the effects of informality over employment, Simsek said they lowered the tax load over employment since 2002, adding that it should be further lowered.
Indeed, estimates suggest that countries with above-average sized informal economies are more than three times as likely to incur the adverse effects of a crisis as those with lower rates of informality," it said.
And Creekmore, he said, was the beneficiary of a certain amount of informality.
But don't be in a rush to yank out plants: Their yellow flowers add a charming informality to the garden, and a few stems do the same for a mixed bouquet.
The informality of Maghribi relationships allowed great flexibility.
Maloney and Edwin Goni, World Bank, and Mariano Bosch, London School of Economics, "The Determinants of Rising Informality in Brazil: Evidence from Gross Worker Flows"
A 'barefoot home' takes advantage of new consumer trends towards informality to pair a casual lifestyle with a home filled with open space, light, and texture.
Smith said what separates Maud Booth from any other program is its informality.
BASF achieved its success in spite of having few controls on purchasing and maintaining weak internal accounting methods (89) The informality of its internal structure until the 1970s belies the stereotype of the bureaucratic big business corporation.
The school will soon celebrate its 50th anniversary, and visitors to the large and modern campus are always struck by the relaxed and friendly demeanour of the students, the informality between children and adults, and the extent to which students of all ages are encouraged to take risks, to challenge and to question.
The fundamental obstacle to overcome is that therapy is predominantly characterized by privacy, informality, and attentiveness to the quality of relationship with clients, while the court room tends to be public, bound by strict bureaucratic details, and antagonistic.

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