information against

See: complaint
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He lodged an information against Cornelius de Witt, setting forth that the warden -- who, as he had shown by the letters added to his signature, was fuming at the repeal of the Perpetual Edict -- had, from hatred against William of Orange, hired an assassin to deliver the new Republic of its new Stadtholder; and he, Tyckelaer was the person thus chosen; but that, horrified at the bare idea of the act which he was asked to perpetrate, he had preferred rather to reveal the crime than to commit it.
After it is over-say at eight to-night--come you to me, in Saint Antoine, and we will give information against these people at my Section.
Do you recollect the words in which the information against you was formulated?
Surely you don't really imagine that he may be kidnapped in order to give information against his wealthy uncle?
Once let them both get together again, and it's her interest and his interest to turn their information against me.
Encryption-centric, business-internal solutions are giving way to a new wave of collaboration-centric, analytics-focused solutions designed to improve collaboration and streamline workflows while still protecting information against leakage and protecting companies against non-compliance and intellectual property (IP) theft.
Will they hold this information against the patient somehow, raise their premium in the next enrollment period?
BHA charges of passing on inside information against former trainer Kate Walton and four others have been withdrawn, but the charges against jockey Richie McGrath still stand.
He said that 79 persons have submitted applications for seeking information against which problems of 31 applicants were addressed.
Provision of a range of benchmarking services comparing performance, mortality, quality, data quality, market and financial information against other Acute NHS Trusts and providers.
Thus, the policemen were checking the latest information against certain citizens of Central America and South Africa engaged in frauds in Bishkek and Chui region.
The administrative detention is a punitive measure used by the Israeli military to hold prisoners indefinitely at the pretext of possessing secret information against them without charging them or allowing them to stand trial.

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