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It recognizes individuals who have made particularly noteworthy contributions to the field of information science.
With an introduction from Jack Meadows and the guest editorial by Brian Vickery, 15 papers are contributed by information science veterans such as David Bawden, Stella Dextre Clark, Tom Wilson, Blaise Cronin, Peter Willet, Elisabeth Davenport, Charles Oppenheim, Peter Enser, Wendy Warr, Mike Thelwall, Barry Mahon, Stephen Robertson, Peter Bath, and Eugene Garfield.
This article introduced the term "affective paradigm" based on research grounded in computing, cognitive science, education, psychology, and information science.
of the College of Information Science & Technology at Drexel University, will develop and evaluate a tool to support nonspecialists who engage in metadata work, specifically the quality control of Dublin Core records, in his project, "Addressing the metadata bottleneck by developing and evaluating an online tool to support non-specialists to evaluate Dublin Core metadata records.
Industry notable Carol Tenopir won the 2007 Contribution to Information Science & Technology Award (CISTA), an annual honor presented by the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Society of Information Science & Technology (LACASIS) in January to someone who has made significant contributions to the field of information science.
It has been defined using many lenses, such as library and information science, cognitive science, and linguistics, among others.
OCLC Programs and Research and the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) announced the recipients of the 2007 Library and Information Science Grant Awards.
Tefko Saracevic, professor at the School of Communication, Information and Library Studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey, was honored with a book titled Contributions to the Creation of a Theory of Information Science, which contains Croatian translations of nine of his highly cited articles.
Saur, 2005), and the chapter on "Children, Teenagers and the Web" in the latest edition of the Annual Review of Information Science and Technology.
Summit, and the scholarship is given in different regions of the world to graduate students enrolled in library or information science programs.
ITI) has announced that Information Science Abstracts (ISSN: 0020-0239, $789 for 1 year) has been renamed Information Science & Technology Abstracts (ISTA).

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