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Academic Directors, Earnings Quality, and Stock Price Informativeness
The Effects of corporate governance on the Informativeness of Earnings, Economics of Governance, 8: 129-152.
Scholarship on conversational implicature after Grice generally falls into one of two camps: the work of the Relevance Theorists, who have attempted to build a theory of pragmatics and implicature on Grice's maxim of Relevance alone, see Dan Sperber & Deirdre Wilson, Relevance: Communication and Cognition 155-63, 176-202 (1986); Robyn Carston, Informativeness, Relevance and Scalar Implicature, in Relevance Theory 179, 212-26 (Robyn Carston & Seiji Uchida eds.
123R period--so the treatment of ISO expenses is consistent across GAAP and Modified Core Earnings--Modified Core Earnings has greater informativeness than GAAP earnings in the pre-SFAS No.
They contend that 'interactivity' is also a factor that contributes to consumers' perceptions of ads in addition to the factor suggested by literature--entertainment, irritation, informativeness, credibility, and demographic.
Shavitt, Lowrey, and Haefner (1998) identified elements such as enjoyment, informativeness, and trustworthiness as components that comprise an individual's attitude toward an advertisement.
PIC is used to measure the informativeness of a genetic marker (Guo and Elston, 1999), reaching a maximum value of 0.
The polymorphic information content, which measures the informativeness of a particular set of genetic markers, was 0.
In this study, informativeness was calculated as the proportion of information about plan performance for a minority group that is obscured if all that is available is the measure of plan performance for whites.
The PIC, a measure of informativeness related to expected heterozygosity, was evaluated with CERVUS 3.
Expected heterozygosity was derived from an unbiased formula (Nei, 1987) using allele frequencies assuming Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium which is a useful measure of informativeness of a locus.
Therefore it must be noted that the informativeness of the result of the wavelet transformation depends on the place of measurement point on the monitored object and the nature of the defect.
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