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We were informed that the Indians, numbering their dead, found they had four killed more than we; and therefore, four of the prisoners they had taken, were, by general consent, ordered to be killed, in a most barbarous manner, by the young warriors, in order to train them up to cruelty; and then they proceeded to their towns.
I have been informed by a person named Abel Magwitch, that he is the benefactor so long unknown to me.
Among great numbers whom we consulted on this occasion, we were informed by some that we might go through Melinda.
And when he shall have informed him, and Monsieur Laporte is come?
They had hunted with success on the prairie, but, while busy drying buffalo meat, were joined by a few panic - stricken Flatheads, who informed them that a powerful band of Blackfeet was at hand.
To compleat such unparalelled Barbarity we were informed that an Execution in the House would shortly take place.
We shall keep our readers informed as to the progress of this enterprise, which has no precedent in the annals of exploration.
My sister was her husband's only attendant throughout his illness," the Baron informed us.
But on the following Friday he was waited upon by the Pillars of the Church, who informed him that in order to be in harmony with the New Theology and get full advantage of modern methods of Gospel interpretation they had deemed it advisable to make a change.
Finding nothing of any importance here, we went next to another room on the same floor, in which we were informed the prisoner was then lying ill in bed.
The Lord Commissioner being informed of that, sent a party of the foot guards, and took possession of the Netherbow, which is a gate in the middle of the High Street, as Temple Bar between the City of London and the Court.
Is dying to be acquainted with Anne's husband, and to be informed of Anne's married name.