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To determine whether Tan IIA can increase the BMSCs recruitment to the infract area, BMSCs were labelled with Dil.
These findings indicated that Tan IIA could profoundly increase BMSCs recruitment to the infract area in vivo.
Combination treatment with Tan IIA and BMSCs enhanced the expression of VECF in the infract area
These results indicated that BMSCs recruiting to the infract area cause the VEGF expression enhancement.
The SDF-1/CXCR4 axis can regulate BMSCs recruitment to the infract area.
In the present study, we demonstrated that Tan IIA administration after MI could significantly increase the BMSCs recruitment to the infract area after MI, which was correlated with the cardiac function recovery, IS improvement and VEGF expression enhancement.
In our study, Tan IIA treatment increased the number of BMSCs migrated to the infract area, which was correlated with cardiac function recovery after MI.
Coronary collateral development has potential protective benefits such as limited infract size, less ventricular aneurysm formation, improved ventricular function, fewer future cardiovascular events, and improved survival in patients with occlusive coronary lesions (1-5).