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Recent literature remains inconclusive as to the most appropriate and beneficial regimen for penetrating palatal trauma in children, given the infrequency of damage to the internal carotid artery (0.
The 32-year-old all-rounder's last County Championship match was against Hampshire at Liverpool last June, but the relative infrequency of his appearances for Lancashire in recent years has done nothing to reduce the affection and regard for him at Old Trafford.
Due to the infrequency of disasters and the multitude of issues that policy leaders face every day, it is not surprising that executives often push emergency preparedness to a back burner.
Preparing for bushfires is very challenging because of the relative infrequency of such incidents in the past, making us ill-prepared to handle such disasters due to a lack of knowledge and the wisdom of elders, as well as growing complacency, according to Professor Rob Whelan, a renowned expert on bushfires," said Prof.
The relatively low number of claims currently coming before the employment tribunals may rather be a reflection of the unwillingness, at present, of individuals to put their heads above the parapet and make such claims, (or of lack of awareness of the ability to do so) than the infrequency of this type of discrimination occurring.
While crusty vert pros of the '80s flossed their teeth with shocking infrequency, today's multi-media skate contracts may require impeccable chompers.
Given the infrequency of this scenario, we searched the Anaesthetic Incident Monitoring System (AIMS) database that resides at the Australian Patient Safety Foundation for similar incidents.
It was an astonishing request, given the viciousness of partisan politics and the infrequency of genuine bipartisanship.
But, never mind their infrequency, emergency procedure sims still had to be taken seriously and boldface procedures memorized exactly.
In his study, Moore wrote it is well known that ports have been vulnerable since 2001 because of the infrequency of container checks.
Plainly the research behind this article is limited, and there may be differences between frequency and infrequency studies which I have not thought through.
Given the complexity and infrequency of recounts, it is essential to get guidance from an experienced attorney who can advise the campaign about preserving rights, satisfying legal requirements, training volunteers and ensuring that election officials carry out their duties properly.