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In that circumstance, the ANDA filer could in theory make and legally sell a product that infringed the patents as well as one that did not infringe the patents.
Nasdaq:SNPS) which focuses the scope of their Delaware patent lawsuit but leaves in place Magma's assertions that its patents are being infringed by key Synopsys products, including Astro, Design Compiler, IC Compiler, Physical Compiler and PrimeTime.
The federal court also found that Danisco willfully infringed Novozymes' patent and that the case was exceptional.
In granting summary judgment, the court found that APL had not presented any evidence from which a reasonable fact-finder could find that ACE infringed the '702 patent.
District Court for the Northern District of California to have infringed on patents held by Genentech, Inc.
The complaint charges that Intel has infringed and is infringing Transmeta's patents by making and selling a variety of microprocessor products including at least Intel's Pentium III, Pentium 4, Pentium M, Core and Core 2 product lines.
In response, LG denied the allegations of infringement and announced that it would seek judgments that the asserted patents were not infringed and invalid.
In the case, Tercica has alleged that the defendants have infringed and are infringing three patents: U.
today announced that they have agreed to settle a lawsuit concerning Crocs' proprietary footwear, pending in the United States District for the District of Colorado and alleging that Shaka infringed Crocs' U.
The jury unanimously found that Datamars and Crystal not only infringed, but willfully infringed three patents held by Avid for its core RFID technology, predominantly used today by Avid for identifying pets and reuniting lost pets with their families.