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Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those forecasted or implied include the ITC's decision to accept, reject or modify the recommendations of the administrative law judge with regard to an exclusion order against SG's infringing products; Power Integrations' decision whether or not to pursue its lawsuit against SG in federal district court; the outcome of that case should it choose to do so; the outcome of any appeals filed by SG; and the impact of any SG patents on the outcome of the Federal District Court case.
IR had accused IXYS of infringing its 4959699 ('699), 5008725 ('725) and 5130767 ('767) patents.
Several issues are still pending before the court, including a decision regarding an injunction against Datamars and Crystal that would prevent the companies from selling their infringing products in the U.
The Court issued a permanent injunction against Porta Stor requiring it to cease its use of the infringing lift system, the use of its consumer rental agreement and business card, which the jury found infringed PODS' trade dress (a category of trade mark.
6,993,858 B2 and D517,789), and its trade dress; and an administrative action pending in the International Trade Commission alleging unfair acts concerning the importation of infringing footwear.
In addition to providing a mechanism for removing infringing content, the Provider Liability Law provides that the third party claiming infringement can demand that the TSP disclose identity information about the alleged offender.
In the case, Tercica has alleged that the defendants have infringed and are infringing three patents: U.
Universal Studios case that providers of a product or service that could be used to infringe copyright protections weren't liable so long as their product or service also had "substantial noninfringing uses," the Supreme Court found that Grokster and StreamCast--makers of the Morpheus file-sharing service--profited from promotion of their products as allowing illegal file-sharing, and that the firms didn't take reasonable steps to reduce infringing uses.
BSA developed the Model Business Practices to protect consumers from acquiring infringing software programs at online auction sites, to promote an Internet culture which represents the rights, creativity and investment of intellectual property owners and to help staunch a problem that is undermining the market for legitimate software.
ATD estimates that Volkswagen has used the infringing parts on more than two million cars since October 10, 1991, the effective date of ATD's German patent.
On Friday, a federal court in Delaware ordered Danisco to pay damages of USD 4,088,584 plus prejudgment interest for infringing Novozymes' (PINK SHEETS:NVZMF) U.
The court also granted a permanent injunction preventing ConAgra from making and selling the infringing products.