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Medical cannabis company WeedMD Inc (TSX-V:WMD) (OTC:WDDMF) (FSE:4WE) revealed on Thursday the launch of a letter of intent (LOI) to form a joint venture company for cannabis-infused beverages with Phivida Holdings Inc (CSE:VIDA)(OTC:PHVAF), a cannabinoid infused foods company.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 17 (ANI): Chocolate lovers are in for a treat as first ever dark chocolate infused with saffron is all set to hit the market.
Using infused oils, the range of tuna fillets is available in Tesco stores priced PS2.
Rebel Coast Winery in Sonoma unveiled a dealcoholized Sauvignon Blanc wine that has been infused with psychoactive THC compounds derived from cannabis.
At the event, Select CBD will announce and present a brand new hemp-derived, essential oil infused CBD product.
Featured cocktails include the Cold Fashioned, a spin on an old fashioned, infused with cold brew; the Ampersand Mule, a coffee-infused Moscow Mule; a spiked vanilla bean latte; and a wine milkshake called the Amy Winehouse, made with ice cream, pinot noir and vanilla-infused vodka.
Limoncello Cake is made with Limoncello liqueur, lightly embellished with white chocolate pieces, infused with Limoncello glaze, and finished off with Limoncello-soaked crumb topping.
September 10, 2014 -- Researchers here infused antibody-studded iron nanoparticlcs into the bloodstream to treat heart attack damage.
The newest formula is infused with coconut extract for an eye-catching "pop" to boost retail revenues, according to the company.
Rich Brandy Fruit Loaf Cake: This exquisite loaf is brandy infused and made from moist, plump and juicy fruit.
At its factory in Woodburn, OR, the company's proprietary polymer process is infused with composite wood and agricultural panels, including particleboard, MDF, OSB, wheat, hemp and sorghum.
Since the launch of their Vinegar Infused Tempura Pollock Fish products last year, Crown Foods have seen sales reach record highs as figures reveal over four million diners have tucked into a Crown Foods fish dish.