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This quirky little infuser adds an ultra-modern twist to the traditional, loose-leaf brew.
His impulsive decision at a murder scene tonight lands him in hot water when the contents of the infuser turn out to be even less appealing than a cup of Earl Grey.
THE MENTALIST C5, 9pm NOT even the most addicted drinker would stop and make brew with a used infuser they'd just fished out of a stranger's sink.
That's precisely what a tea infuser, just launched in Dubai, is called with its makers claiming that it can retain the original flavour and aroma of the tea leaves plucked from India's rich plantations.
A special infuser compartment within the bottle lets you add all-natural flavors of fresh produce to your water.
Fitness accessories - the Tritan fruit infuser bottle is great, they can have water with an added zing.
The Filter Infuser Pitcher is BPA-free and features a filter made with natural carbon fiber from coconut shells that can filter 100 gallons of water per filter.
The sculptural Luci loose tea infuser steeps in style while keeping drips in check, ($12) teaforte.
Schauer said that biosorbents like cilantro could be packed into tea-bag-like packets, reusable water filter cartridges or even tea infuser balls and used to remove heavy metals.
99 SAVE 51p | You'll be cooking up a storm this summer too with these brilliant bargains | Ice Core Infuser Pitcher 2.
The Sleep Infuser is based on an audio technology that uses natural soundscapes, such as ocean waves, rhythms of steam trains and cocoon environments, to help block background noise and distractions.