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42) Vendler's ingeniousness, however, needs a fuller acknowledgement.
We laugh at a photograph of a bird anthropomorphized by way of Tic Tacs and cashews (several Birds of New Zealand, 2011, were on view) because we're hardwired to discern--and project--kinship and systems; because we have, to quote a formulation of the artist's that is no less accurate for its ingeniousness, a "deep desire for things to mean something.
His portrayal of a plethora of Mozart characters (Masetto and Giovanni, Figaro, Gugliemo and Nardo) is based on a solid breathing technique, sprightliness and pregnant declamation, which he enriches with wit, charm and a Terfel-esque ingeniousness and multilayered modelling of the meaning of both the music and text.
The latest undoubtedly falls into this category, though the ripple of envy it's provoked isn't necessarily about the ingeniousness of the idea - as with the Da Vinci Code or Harry Potter - nor its delivery, as per The Book Thief or Shadow of The Wind.
Whether or not one shares the views expressed in it, one will surely not dispute the ingeniousness of the author's point of view.
It is in the variables, in the ingeniousness of the unpublished work, where the real novelty lies.
Bring in the drone and experimental ingeniousness that I found exquisite when first heard.
For all its ingeniousness, Kilanyi's apparatus evidently had some limitations and some rough and ready aspects that Dando must have decided he could improve on.
Or, finally, maybe the swordfish story's greatness stands the test of time because it is an endless struggle of all these forces together--the elements, human greed and ingeniousness, and nature's indifference--all the forces that we encounter when we leave our comfortable environs and face life.
Judges were given clipboards with their exhibit assignments and asked to rate the inventions in four areas on a scale of one to 10: ingeniousness, aesthetics, alignment with the industry it's in, and its "cool factor.
The arrogant Maurice sees it as a challenge to be overcome by his ingeniousness.
The ingeniousness of the author is in putting all of the elements together, creating a perfect flow of mystery that enhances the curiosity of the reader and keeps her/his attention until the end.