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Has anyone, anytime, anywhere ingenuously stated our federal government is "efficient and effective?
At this point, quite ingenuously, Spratling the writer resorts to a structural device analogous to the masterly beginning of W.
Horst is at his most pompous when ignoring the arguments of others, writing condescendingly, 'I applaud Papineau's intellectual honesty' (130) but he ingenuously offers no reply to Papineau's inductive argument that the causal closure of the physical is reasonable to believe since no science invoking a nonphysical force has had any empirical success.
Bird notes that the spirit made contact with the sitters through the use of what Walter and his friends ingenuously referred to as ectoplasm.
The group also argued ingenuously that Parker's reference to "white people" denoted their "heart or mind," not their skin or nationality.
The judges in Antigua, in fact, explicitly stated that his execution was stayed "because wee think if he behaves ingenuously to Represent him as fit to be banished, tho, wee have promised nothing to him, but have made use of him already as an Evidence.
As electoral democracy beyond the state is not in sight, the challenge for the future is to ingenuously strengthen established instruments of accountability so as to make them more responsive to the demands and criticisms arising from the transnational public.
I have nonetheless chosen to include it here because it is revelatory of a number of factors that bear remembering when considering post-war travel to Rome, and because the themes that entwine rather ingenuously in Bennett's short narrative are characteristic of a great deal of American writing about Rome after the war.
When others of the Hartfield set join the group--Harriet ingenuously posing, Elton promiscuously praising, Emma trying to "throw in a little improvement to the figure, to give a little more height, and considerably more elegance" (47)--we find more capacity for discernment.
The book ingenuously merges contemporary society's profound skepticism over artificial absolutes and assurances with what is best in religious traditions, past and present.
The documentary clearly celebrates Peronism's politics of social inclusion but does not ingenuously embrace the movement's ideological principles.