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And as I resigned myself to this imperative though inglorious course, my heart warmed once more to the jovial young squire.
He had seen her unclaimed at the beginning of a great function and he had had to come to her rescue to save her, as he doubtless thought, from the inglorious fate of a wall-flower.
O Myriads of immortal Spirits, O Powers Matchless, but with th' Almighty, and that strife Was not inglorious, though th' event was dire, As this place testifies, and this dire change Hateful to utter: but what power of mind Foreseeing or presaging, from the Depth Of knowledge past or present, could have fear'd, How such united force of Gods, how such As stood like these, could ever know repulse?
May you be turned every man of you into earth and water as you sit spiritless and inglorious in your places.
The flood of fight ebbed down in him, and, releasing his prey, he turned tail and scampered on across the open in inglorious retreat.
Bell's "School of Vocal Physiology," too, from which he had hoped so much, had come to an inglorious end.
The two old men's talk was of old comrades and their deeds, mute inglorious Miltons of the Vale, and of the doings thirty years back, which didn't interest him much, except when they spoke of the making of the canal; and then indeed he began to listen with all his ears, and learned, to his no small wonder, that his dear and wonderful canal had not been there always--was not, in fact, so old as Benjy or Farmer Ives, which caused a strange commotion in his small brain.
Shashi Tharoor: Inglorious Empire during the Emirates Literature Festival Dubai during the Emirates Literature Image Credit: By Faisal MasudiStaff Reporter
Brian Steel Wills (professor of history, Kennesaw State University) presents Inglorious Passage: Noncombat Deaths in the American Civil War, a scholarly study drawing upon letters, diaries, obituaries, and more primary sources to examine a rarely discussed phenomenon of the American Civil War--mortality from noncombat deaths.
Bolton's relationship with bile-spouting activist Jo Marney would be an inglorious, if for many fitting, end to a party often accused of spreading hate, fear and prejudice.
029 2087 8889 MUSIC Inglorious Hard rock from the Nathan James fronted rock band.
Summary: New Delhi/Patna [India] September 8 (ANI): With the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) summoning Lalu Prasad Yadav and his son and former Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav, the Janata Dal (United) (JD(U)) on Friday said that the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief's family has brought inglorious days for him.