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instead of two or more, and they may be more free of the threat of "running out of time" and ingloriously losing financial support from their departments.
Second, the elegiac will remind others who killed political prisoners in Ashwa or whatever near Pageri in Nimule County and Chukudum in 1993/1994 that what they did there to finish up politicians, officers and innocent people because of their political orientation or tribe was ingloriously a wrong.
So, whatever serious and meaningful issues there may be on the serious and meaningful news agenda (and, at the moment, we have debates on the futures of the NHS and the entire public sector and the funding crises engulfing universities and pensions), we can always expect the silly, soft and trivial items to rise ingloriously to the surface.
Ingloriously, that creature probably looked something like a chicken: two-legged, scurrying around in the corners, snapping up plants, insects, small animals and whatever else passed its way.
It was decreed that they should fall in their turn; but they fall ingloriously, pitied by no one, and with nothing to hope for from posterity, but its perfect contempt.
As one who lived and worked in North Wales for many years-until quite recently, I fear that the insular approach shown by the Devolutionists can only be off putting to many of those national ie British and international organisations traditionally responsible for the ingloriously required investments in industrial and commercial products/activities so vital for the very urgent job creation required nationwide.
The lemmings that plunge to their deaths in the 1958 Disney documentary White Wilderness were hurled ingloriously to their doom by members of the crew, as a Canadian documentary revealed,.
It was also conducted on the ground: in the deserts of Mesopotamia, against Zaghlul in Egypt, and, ingloriously, at Amritsar.
Six runs later Rees's attempt to break the shackles ended ingloriously as a leading edge to medium-pacer Tim Linley looped to Meaker at cover.
We discover that Sutpen received land from the Indians in 1840 or 1850; he built a house with the help of a foreign architect; he had a wife, who died during the war, and two children, Judith and Henry; he once traveled to Germany; and he died, rather ingloriously, in a wagon accident.
But as in landlessness alone resides highest truth, shoreless, indefinite as God--so, better is it to perish in that howling infinite, than be ingloriously dashed upon the lee, even if that were safety
1 per cent each year for two years, came the day Australia was ingloriously ejected from the World Twenty20 tournament in England after a heavy loss to Sri Lanka at Trent Bridge.