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Women smiled ingratiatingly at her contemptuous face in the mirror.
Rorty's ingratiatingly unpretentious tone conceals a theoretical ambition no less sweeping than that of traditional philosophers.
Holland makes his pupil beam by commenting ingratiatingly (but, at a deeper level, insultingly): "Congratulations, you found the beat.
As this book opens, the veteran journalist-turned-professor positions himself ingratiatingly as a kind of regular person tussling with, but open to, the dawning cyberworld.
Poverty focused their minds to the extent that they returned your calls, were ingratiatingly polite and they didn't play havoc with people's lives by pitting buyers against each other.
And yet the effect was not contrived, for the choreographers know how to combine physical daring with an ingratiatingly homespun honesty.
When he looked up, the dog wagged his stumpy tail ingratiatingly.
Bugsy had now ingratiatingly placed himself near Knocker and kept close to him, sensing glory.
The sculptural gashes, made with chainsaw and chisel, seem openly hostile--they sometimes form parallel lines, like lacerations made by a whip--while the painterly "touches" seem ingratiatingly erotic.