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42) The subject, in breaking the eternal object free from its prior ingression, can value it more or value it less than it had previously been valued, and it does so as a function of its own developing effort to achieve concreteness.
Jordan explains, "If a dozen wines under cork are cellared for, say, two years and then tasted, there will be quite a variation between the bottles because some may be tainted but others will be advanced in their aging, because there has been some ingression of oxygen.
In fact, this status increasingly appears also to accrue to them abroad by virtue of their increasing ingression into the communication processes of foreign societies.
The status of ogre--"un etre profondement hybride" (Sangre, 93)--is a troubled one; it conveys an ingression from outside, a usurpation of a place in society to which one is not entitled and, as Perrault himself defined "ogre," designates one who is blood-thirsty and prone to cannibalism: "certains hommes qui sentent la chair fraiche.
A spokesman said: 'Water ingression is not covered under the product's warranty.
With an Extreme system liner installed, the equipment is impervious to flooding or ingression of dust and moisture, vital for the washdown environment of some processing plants.
The presentation will also review a novel nondestructive method for measuring all sources of oxygen ingression in plastic bottle systems.
By measuring the extent of the blue with a spectrophotometer, it is possible to calculate the amount of ingression.
Equip bulk storage tanks with desiccant type breather elements to prevent ingression of moisture and particle matter through vent opening.
Air conditioning hose requires a material with good barrier properties to minimize refrigerant loss and reduce moisture ingression.