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Post-operative morbidity in the form of pain in the inguinal region was noticed in 12 patients, out of which 10 patients were relieved in 6 months to one year; two patients were still having pain after 2 years of follow-up.
Transposition flap reconstructive surgical technique for closure of large skin defect in ventral abdominal and inguinal region due to dog bite in a calf was discussed.
A 75-year-old female patient with swelling on her right inguinal region accompanied with stinking discharge in the swollen part and pain was admitted to the emergency department, and her case was consulted.
Lesions of mange mite infestation were observed most commonly on the face followed by neck region, abdominal region, inner surface of the thighs and inguinal region respectively of the infected camels (Table-1).
There are cases that have been reported in the perianal area, scrotum and the inguinal region.
The ultrasound revealed mild hepatosplenomegaly with right inguinal lymph node enlargement with an abscess in the left inguinal region.
On physical examination, lymphadenomegaly was found in the anterior part of the neck with a rate of 62%, in the submandibular region with a rate of 18%, in the axillary region with a rate of 8%, in the posterior part of the neck with a rate of 6%, below the chin with a rate of 2%, in the preauricular region with a rate of 1%, in the nape with a rate of 1% and in the inguinal region with a rate of 1% (Table 1).
A 45-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital 2 years ago with the complaints of numbness in the hands and feet, unsteadiness, weight loss, fever, and swellings in the neck, axilla, and inguinal region.
Aspirations were done from various anatomic regions and organs such as liver, lung, lymph node, ovary, kidney, GIT, pancreas, gall bladder, mediastinum, suprarenal, paraspinal & inguinal region.
The patient was in a state of shock with an open right-sided anterior hip dislocation with the femoral head being visible in the inguinal region (Fig.