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The reason of femoral palsy in our cases were different from the proposed mechanisms above as there were not local hematoma or pseudoaneurysm and both of them had occurred before the pressure was applied on the inguinal region.
chronically flexes the body at the level of the inguinal region, so that it prevents a truly erect posture,' wrote Ida Rolf (17).
An intermittent or persistent swelling in the inguinal region is a sign of an inguinal hernia.
This triangle of imbalanced forces may explain the common finding of coexisting symphysitis, sports hernia and adductor tendinitis within the scope of an overuse syndrome by concentrated strain forces in the inguinal region (Gullmo, 1989, Hackney, 1993).
On physical exam, the left inguinal region was tender and rebound tenderness was elicited over a 2 by 2 centimeter region inferior to the mid-inguinal ligament.
The rat mammary glands are distributed in pairs along the milk line, with one pair located in the cervical, two pairs in the thoracic, one in the abdominal, and two in the inguinal region.
5,6) Most of them originate in the spermatic cord (7) but some in the retroperitoneum, and they develop in the inguinal region, involving the spermatic cord.
Supernumerary breasts with or without associated nipple areolar complexes can be found from the axilla to the inguinal region.
The inguinal region comprises the inguinal canal and the femoral triangle.
Physical examination revealed a soft mass in the inguinal region.