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The humans are supposed to have won the war but the earth and moon were destroyed and made inhabitable in the process.
I think all the rest is gravy in terms of how the rover is going to go about looking around this area because it definitely was all the indications of being an inhabitable environment at one point in time," lead scientist Michael Myer told reporters.
The number of companies which do not abide by the condition reached 27, and seven of them were evacuated as they were found inhabitable.
Data from the Ministry of Justice show that in the past 10 years, 211 prisons in the country were closed down due to inhabitable conditions and in their place 70 modern prisons were built.
Lack of adequate housing-both in numbers and conditions-has resulted in members living off-reserve in urban centres, overcrowding, and living in units that are inhabitable.
The flat was so badly damaged that it will no longer be inhabitable, West Midlands Fire Service said.
There was no point in me paying out more money to have the work finished, so the flats are currently inhabitable.
Alternative accommodation may be required if your home becomes inhabitable due to damage.
Here, under US government legislation, "homesteaders" could secure a pocket of land provided they could improve it by creating some sort of inhabitable structure.
In order to make the area inhabitable again, we face the difficult problem of removing radiation," Emperor Akihito said in a brief address.
Because of this project, Egypt was able to reclaim and cultivate vast swathes of cultivable land, and it also became possible to extend Egypt's inhabitable area beyond the Nile Valley.
The death toll is 573, and the number of injured people is 2,608 while thousands of buildings are inhabitable.