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Derived from the essential nature of, and inseparable from, the object itself.

An object which is inherently dangerous is one that possesses potential hazard by its mere existence, such as explosives. By contrast, other objects are dangerous only when used in a negligent manner, such as a pipe wrench or baseball bat. The rule of Strict Liability is applied when accidents arise from objects that are inherently dangerous.


adjective connate, deep-rooted, essential, fixed, immanent, implicit, inborn, inbred, ineffaceable, ingredient, innate, innatus, insitus, instinctive, internal, intrinsic, native, natural, proprius, subsistent
Associated concepts: inherent defect, inherent power, inherrntly dangerous
See also: implicit, ingrained, innate, interior, intrinsic, native, organic, virtual
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Second, is the cleaning of hospital floors tantamount to engaging in an inherently dangerous undertaking?
Treated Inherently Flame Resistant Polyester Fabrics: No.
In How Dogs Came From Wolves And Other Explorations Of Science In Action, Professor Myers showcases twelve inherently fascinating questions arising from the world of animals.
Castings, on the other hand, are inherently closer to the finished shape of the end-product and can achieve those results with less machining.
Panek argues that each man's leap into the unseeable forever changed how people reason about areas that seem inherently counterintuitive.
TG: Today it has become a somewhat common (and perhaps cynical) refrain that "all art is inherently political," a statement that may implicitly reject the usefulness of a category or even a practice defined as "political art.
The architecture leverages an inherently networked design, providing enterprise IT the power to optimally design and deploy a networked storage solution, matching storage network configurations to meet business reliability and cost requirements.
Looking at the full spectrum of healing modalities, from conventional to alternative, no therapy is inherently good or bad; rather the perspective of application determines each therapy's benefit to a particular situation.
Efforts since World War II to define genocide and crimes against humanity, as well as labors to restrict the use of inherently indiscriminate weapons, represent a countervailing culture of optimism--a culture with tangible successes that deserve to be celebrated.
With increased knowledge of food sourcing and manufacturing practices, food marketers have increasingly focused on foods that are inherently healthy," says David Sprinkle, research director, Packaged Facts.
A judge advocate should have a firm grasp of what is and what is not an inherently governmental function.