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Derived from the essential nature of, and inseparable from, the object itself.

An object which is inherently dangerous is one that possesses potential hazard by its mere existence, such as explosives. By contrast, other objects are dangerous only when used in a negligent manner, such as a pipe wrench or baseball bat. The rule of Strict Liability is applied when accidents arise from objects that are inherently dangerous.


adjective connate, deep-rooted, essential, fixed, immanent, implicit, inborn, inbred, ineffaceable, ingredient, innate, innatus, insitus, instinctive, internal, intrinsic, native, natural, proprius, subsistent
Associated concepts: inherent defect, inherent power, inherrntly dangerous
See also: implicit, ingrained, innate, interior, intrinsic, native, organic, virtual
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Although it would be unthinkable today to hire a European general to oversee the majority of training prior to a major offensive, during the birth of the United States, the concept of contracting out functions that would be considered inherently governmental today were woven into the fabric of our nation at an early stage.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates plans to replace 30,000 support contractors with government personnel, starting with those tasks that are considered inherently governmental or closely related to inherently governmental functions.
The FAR currently lists examples of inherently governmental functions, including:
In practice, it is generally limited to an evaluation of the risks associated with a firm's established production technology and does not include the identification or consideration of alternative inherently safer production technologies.
But blanket accusations that for-profits are inherently unable to serve educational needs are disingenuous.
Our review indicates that the [Silver Ring Thing] may not have included adequate safeguards to clearly separate in time or location inherently religious activities from the federally-funded activities," Harry Wilson, assistant commissioner of the HHS Family and Youth Services Bureau, wrote in a letter to the group.
Many studies, including the AFT one, are inherently suspect, inasmuch as they look only at student achievement levels at a single point in time, thereby telling us little or nothing about how much pupils are learning.
Fractal Systems, 12th International Seminar: Commercial Applications of Inherently Conductive Polymers," Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston, MA, Matt Aldissi (727) 723-3006--October 3-5.
The OMB has issued a notice, announcing the public availability of agency inventories of activities that are not inherently governmental and of activities that are inherently governmental.
Equality in the West implies that the inherently superior are bound to be somewhat benevolent to the inherently inferior that make the lives of the superior possible.