inherited lot

See: heritage
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Duterte said, recalling the time the inherited lots were sold.
Along with inheriting lots of needles, I inherited lots of yarn, most skeins of which no longer have labels.
Garry: I can''t remember the first album as I inherited lots of vinyl but I did tape Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Junior off the radio.
David Cameron inherited lots of political baggage from the 1980s which makes it tough for the Tories to win a hearing in northern cities," he wrote.
As husband Angus, the regional director of the Country Land & Business Association, is a descendent of Lord Admiral Collingwood, the couple have inherited lots of antique furniture and paintings.
He says: My wife Sheila and I have several grandchildren, because we also fostered, so have inherited lots of grandchildren too.
It's right to say that I have inherited lots of problems and I want to do anything that I can to solve those problems.

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