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2000) studied the inhibitive effect of triazole derivatives on corrosion of mild steel in acidic media [5].
Rust Bullet, LLC is a coatings manufacturer, headquartered in Reno, NV, USA, specializing in protective, rust inhibitive and corrosion control coatings.
Researchers have anecdotally noted the risk of facilitative (Farlow, Lloyd, & Snell, 1988) and inhibitive testing effects (Schuster, Gast, Wolery, & Guiltinan, 1988) when using MOP procedures.
Inhibitive effect of stigmasterol from Hedyotis diffusa wild on hepatoma cells in vitro vivo and its influence on transplanted H22 tumor cell's multiplication cycle, apoptosis.
When added to a Quik-Gel or Bore-Gel slurry, it yields an inhibitive drilling fluid system while maintaining manageable and effective fluid properties.
As for the relation of trade and investment, the latter only accounts for 20% of GDP and is still almost wholly confined to real estate and building activities within a c context of continued inhibitive Israeli measures.
Hajjar said an inhibitive presidential reality is being imposed by Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement, and the problems are exacerbated by the deliberate obstruction from both sides.
The weather forecast for Rostov-on-Don and along the flight was not inhibitive and was consistent with meteorological flight rule regulations," added the report.
Inhibitive tendencies seem to outnumber the progressive ones; the divides within are becoming sharper; the efforts to bridge the gaps are minimal and superficial; and if the cards are not rightly played, the desired results would remain distant dream.
4]AF) are insoluble, immobile in the pore solution after forming Friedel's salt, which have been therefore regarded as an inhibitive nature with no acidification of the cement matrix.
4] nanopigment improved the corrosion resistance of the epoxy coating through increasing the barrier performance and releasing inhibitive species.

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