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ae1/4oeThis remains a tragic chapter in Palestinian history, and thirty-five years later, the Sabra and Shatila massacre still represents Israel's cruelty and inhumanity towards the Palestinian people as a whole.
Look at all the bands No, it's not a party James You're just too young to understand But maybe when you're older Perhaps when you're a man You'll read about two World Wars And man's inhumanity to man I pray you'll lament man's past folly Ask guidance from God above And strive to meet your fellow man In friendship and in love G L Flannery, via email
It's another heartbreaking tale of inhumanity from a Tory-led Government without a moral compass as it wages a cruel war on the needy.
And while the Mediterranean turned into immigrant graveyard, the EU, that has a phobia of asylum seekers, that concern Macedonia too, once again showed weakness and inhumanity.
Cohen's work spans the topics of the Holocaust, Darfur, social manifestations of inhumanity such as homophobia, and cruelty in general.
Perhaps she has not heard of the Holocaust, the Balkans genocides, the massacres in Africa and many other such examples of man's inhumanity to man?
I tremble when I think of inhumanity And this is why I love to hear the blackbird cry Her song of liberty and love: no walls or bars can blind Her perceptive eye, her haunting voice.
In the grim inhumanity of modern life, few things genuinely have the capacity to shock any more - but this week's theft of Ben's England kit from his parents' home in Perth was bewildering in its senseless cruelty.
The latest offering from local artist Joe McGarry - called Man's Inhumanity to Man - has been inspired by the pain caused by decades of violence and war.
The critique aims to prevent an inappropriate reduction of perspective plurality by showing an excess of the phenomenon of sociality in thematic discussions of the difference between humanity and inhumanity.
Blow blow thou winter winds, thou art not so harsh or so unkind as man's inhumanity to animals.
V viewed scenes of rioters inhumanity towards Asian expatriates before the clearance of SMC by Security Forces yesterday.