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Barcelona's new Diagonal complex is inhumanly scaled and dispersed, in contrast to EMBT's Santa Caterina Market, which is knitted into the urban fabric (AR November 2005).
A chiselled-featured youth from the Red Army Choir, another inhumanly energetic crew, once begged a cigarette from me (in Rhyl
Additionally, this last chapter provides an exhaustive history of Bethlehem Hospital to support Neely's contention that those confined were not inhumanly restrained and were only visited by relatives, not spectators.
And by this outside I mean not only the Marxian sense of socially constituted subjects, but additionally--sonorously, inhumanly constituted material subjects.
The Pub Landlord is crass, rude, dense, unsubtle, insensitive, prejudiced and almost inhumanly stupid.
14) Throughout this first section, therefore, Mansfield overturns the anthropocentric view of the world by foregrounding, from an inhumanly distant perspective, the landscape and the actions of the animals.
Animal Concern: pounds 15 In sympathy of all animals that have been inhumanly slaughtered.
Nonetheless, the law pointedly chose to treat them inhumanly.
I concur with Lindsay that it would be unfair to measure by inhumanly high standards people who were after all mere mortals living in what was an at once terrifyingly vicious and mind-warping environment--and also of course one in which the Judeocide that subsequently happened was not yet imaginable.
AND THE gift for choreography--that ability to make dances that express aspects of the human spirit and weave them into a meaningful web of drama, design, or both--is inhumanly rare.
Genuine social relations mean little when weighed against power needs; the guests have been invited not for themselves, after all, but are inhumanly relegated to dehumanized status, serving only as pawns or ciphers in their host's crazy scheme.
These people have done all they inhumanly could to destroy Iraq and the United States.