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Plaid group had requested a series of actions to protect people and for the council to look at ways of mitigating this iniquitous tax.
They also said the FYUP was hurriedly implemented and alleged that it will have " divisive and iniquitous implications".
We are appealing, not just for the Barbados rum industry but the CARIFORUM rum industry in general [for] our governments take this issue very, very seriously and seek to have dialogue with the United Sates government, with a view to resolving what we feel is an iniquitous and pernicious use of subsidies for multinational spirit companies and their rum production.
PTI condemns these groups using violence as a weapon to achieve their iniquitous ends.
I would be interested to know if the BHA are looking at this iniquitous state of affairs, if not, they should be.
The new ordinance of Sofia Municipality provoked the outrage of hundreds, who came out to protest what they saw as an iniquitous move against drivers in a city that does not have sufficient parking lots.
OF The much under-estimated grey voters with tax concessions being phased out, lorry drivers, hauliers and motorists with increased and iniquitous fuel duty increases, 500,000 families about to lose tax credits due to thresholds being slashed unmercifully, motorists who purchased smaller, zero rated road tax cars about to lose that benefit, OAPs on reduced winter fuel payments, airline passengers with increased take off tax, smokers (god bless them), drinkers (god help them), are all bristling with rage, like hedgehogs on steroids and baying for blood.
I'm sure we will, but it's iniquitous, she's a thousand times more beautiful than I am.
Are we the only who sees just how iniquitous this all is?
Following the demolition by the Israeli forces of the "Shepherd" hotel in the Arab neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah in East Al-Quds, the Kingdom of Morocco, whose Sovereign chairs the Al-Quds Committee, strongly condemns this iniquitous colonialist act.
Cleopatra similarly shows courage and ingenuity when she escapes a death that is planned for her by her iniquitous older sister, Berenike.
They argue that the only failing, aside from certain operational issues, is that a two-tiered system of SEZ and non-SEZ areas could support arguments that the policy is iniquitous and they therefore urge further liberalization of the whole of the rest of the rest country, particularly in land markets and public service delivery.