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Development of injection molding machine in major provinces and cities, covering Zhejiang, Shenzhen, and Jiangsu;
In these figures is also represented injection channels location.
The Pushtrusion system starts with an extra reciprocating-screw unit mounted above the main injection unit.
Intra-arterial injection can cause digital ischemia and/or gangrene secondary to embolization.
As is the case in the treatment of other types of muscle spasms, the advantage of using EMG is that if a patient does not respond to the initial injection, specific sites of persistent activity can be identified and subsequent injections can be made with greater precision.
Betaseron and Copaxone injection sites are often visible on the skin for a while as redness or dark spots.
Powder binder formulation and compound manufacture in metal injection molding (MIM)
Standard features: Rotary table (two- or three-station), four-tiebar clamp, convertible (horizontal/vertical) injection unit; Selogica control with graphical programming.
either heat transfer models or wax pressure measurements may be used to determine the optimum dwell time (or injection port dimensions) to prevent premature injection port freezing;
Third, injection therapy requires far less time under anesthesia than does excision.
Field work began with installation of twelve injection boreholes to depths as great as 83 feet, in a 125 feet long by 25 feet wide treatment area.