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Our new technology keeps DIG injectors clean and it also offers our customers industry leading LAC and TOP TIER[TM] treat rates.
And the injection events must be matched to the requirements of these systems, which is a specialty of the fast-acting piezoelectric injector.
EMD conducted an extensive series of tests to validate the performance data of the ECOTIP injector, comparing an ECOTIP Superstack injector and the standard EMD injector.
The injector for the SSC, which mustsupply protons at 1 TeV, could also influence site selection.
Analyzes therapeutic demand drivers and evaluates commercial pen injector products in eleven major therapeutic segments
Product name Patient information leaflet Emerade 150 [micro]g, 300 Emerade adrenaline auto- [micro]g, and 500 injectors [micro]g solution for injection in pre-filled pen EpiPen 0.
Additionally, fouling tests across a range of vehicles have shown the potential for injector nozzle deposits to detrimentally effect BSFC in chassis dynamometer tests [6] [7].
During post-crash investigation, a brass plug on the fuel injector servo (model RSA-5AD1, p/n 2524297-10, s/n 55603 with a repair facility o/h stamp) was found popped out of the fuel injector servo, with its safety wire still attached.
CVO identifes the actual opening duration of the injector and compares it with the requested value.
Tenders are invited for Furnishing Of Remanufactured Caterpillar C-9 Fuel Injectors As Required For A Period Of Two (2) Year
Brad Bullard, the propulsion engineer who managed the team that designed the injector, said, "We took the design of an existing injector that we already tested and modified the design so the injector could be made with a 3-D printer.
During the injector test, liquid oxygen and gaseous hydrogen passed through the component into a combustion chamber and produced 10 times more thrust than any injector previously fabricated using 3-D printing.