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coli infection, Dixon and his colleagues wondered whether other bacteria might inject related proteins into cells to carry out similar functions.
Instead of the traditional method of injecting from the top of the mold that is used in most vertical and horizontal machines, the manufacturing engineers opted to inject into the centerline, or parting line, of the mold.
They may strike and not inject any venom or they may dump their load.
With technology commonly used in oil fields, engineers say they could inject seawater into sandy strata deep beneath Venice, Italy, to boost the subsiding ground that now aggravates flooding there.
The researchers reported in the March JOURNAL OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION that the bacteria inject the protein into intestinal cells and that the substance, through unknown mechanisms, loosens the attachments that hold the cells together.
They can tell the user at what point in mold filling to inject the gas, how much gas to inject, under what pressure (or tamped pressure profile), and for how long.
The injection press and processing are unchanged in all aspects up until it is time to inject the water," says Jorg Dassow, manager of application technology at Ferromatik Milacron in Germany.
The new Acceleration On-Demand client technology leverages the full Win32 environment to automatically inject itself into the downloaded Web page to optimize XML, Ajax, HTTP, HTTPS and .