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Older PWID may lose venous access; miss veins more often when trying to inject (12); and use less accessible and more heavily colonized injection sites, such as the femoral vein (13), leading to more infections.
Separate research suggests that a worm called the root-knot nematode sneaks past plants' defenses by disguising itself as a friend and that some bacteria inject one of a group of proteins that co-opt a cell's actions.
Now that the system is installed, he can experiment with different ways to inject polymer and other materials.
They may strike and not inject any venom or they may dump their load.
With technology commonly used in oil fields, engineers say they could inject seawater into sandy strata deep beneath Venice, Italy, to boost the subsiding ground that now aggravates flooding there.
Recent studies have shown how they shoot through the stomach into the intestine, spear holes in its cells, inject poisons, spew toxins, and latch toxins onto immune cells that then travel throughout the body.
They have increased the envelope to see how much they can inject in a patient and how much they can take without killing them.
The NOxMaster(R) NOx Reduction System competes with Urea NOx Reduction Systems that generally use multiple high-pressure injectors to inject urea in solution into the exhaust stream.
Griesbach uses a fine glass needle to inject a chromosome into a plant cell.
Samples of a disposable device about the size of a lipstick that injects vaccines and medications without a needle and is safe and simple enough even for self injection, are now being made available to qualified pharmaceutical companies for evaluation, it was announced today by PenJet(R) Corp.
Crude's Thermo-Gas system operates on a similar principle, however the TM-98 injects hot gas into the formation, which makes the oil flow more freely, and increases oil recovery.