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The lawsuit is seeking injunctive relief barring Fossil from producing and selling watches under license from Guess and to award Callanen treble damages, as authorized by federal antitrust laws.
This permanent injunction against ADP, which will be enforceable by contempt proceedings, immediately secures injunctive protection for Quotron's intellectual property without requiring Quotron to expend further time and money litigating this issue.
The Complaint also alleges claims for injunctive relief brought on behalf of the general public to prevent PLM and certain of its affiliates, including PLM Equipment Growth Funds I-VI, from continuing to violate securities laws, numerous other laws and public policies.
Featured updates to the 2005 Code of Procedure include a provision to grant arbitrators the ability to value large claims early in the arbitration process and a provision for arbitrators to provide injunctive relief and restraining orders in business-to-business cases.
The district court ruled that officials had violated the inmates' due process right and granted injunctive relief.
Vivendi Universal agrees with the appeal of the Warsaw Public Prosecutor that has injunctive effect
In addition to seeking injunctive relief, the Complaint seeks an accounting, disgorgement and civil money penalties including prejudgment interest from the Company and Mr.
Second graph, third sentence of release should read: We will be asking the panel for monetary compensation and injunctive action (sted We will be asking the court for monetary compensation and injunctive action).
District Court for the Northern District of California seeking certain preliminary injunctive relief pending the outcome of an arbitration proceeding between Alpha 1 and SciClone.
Cogenex") by announcing that Onsite has obtained significant injunctive relief against Cogenex, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastern Utilities Associates (NYSE: EUA), a Massachusetts public utility holding company, in connection with Onsite's action for breach of partnership agreement, breach of an agreement in principle, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud and injunctive and declaratory relief.
Under NLRB procedures, after issuing an unfair labor practice complaint, the general counsel may request authorization from the five-member board to seek injunctive relief.