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To interfere with the legally protected interest of another or to inflict harm on someone, for which an action may be brought. To damage or impair.

The term injure is comprehensive and can apply to an injury to a person or property.


Tort Law.


(Harm), verb abuse, aggravate, blemish, bruise, brutalize, cripple, damage, debase, debilitate, deface, disfigure, do harm to, endanger, eviscerate, harrow, hit, hurt, ill treat, ill use, impair, inflict, inflict pain, lacerate, maim, maltreat, mangle, mar, mishandle, mistreat, misuse, molest, mutilate, spoil, violate, vitiate, wound


(Persecute), verb affront, annoy, asperse, blacken, calumniate, defame, denigrate, disadvantage, insult, libel, malign, offend, oppress, prejudice, slander, subvert, traduce, vilify, wrong
See also: abuse, aggravate, annoy, brutalize, damage, debase, debilitate, deface, disable, disadvantage, endanger, eviscerate, harm, harrow, impair, inflict, insult, maim, maltreat, mishandle, mistreat, misuse, molest, mutilate, offend, persecute, spoil, subvert, sully, victimize, violate, vitiate
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In the event of an accident with a randomly chosen victim, the injurer therefore computes his conditional probability of facing suit to be 1 - F([^.
Even if forgiveness is withheld, the trustworthiness of an apology is evident when the injurer demonstrates good faith as through acts of discretion and restitution, both of which contribute to the building of trustworthiness in a relationship and reflect movement into the maintenance phase of the change process.
precautions of only 10, the injurer will not take precautions of more
These distortions will stem from the fact that under an ex-post rule, the injurer will try to minimize his expected liability rather than social costs.
Usually victims know or can learn the identity of their injurer and will be more efficient than the state in identifying them and suing them to obtain an indemnity, particularly when we consider the annual number of accidents in a country.
When each member of a community is equally a potential injurer and a potential victim, risks will be fairly imposed: Each member of the community will be exposed to equal risks by each other member of the community, and will impose equivalent risks on each other member of the community.
For this class of products, the consumer expectations test provides a bright line rule that informs potential victims and potential injurers of the likely outcome of a products liability lawsuit.
109) In this sense, corrective justice limits the distributive potential of tort law because the latter operates only as between a particular injurer and injured.
When an injurer cannot know in advance whether, in his case,
Shavell (1980) argues that under a no fault (or strict liability) standard the injurer's incentives to reduce accidents are greater than with a negligence standard because the injurer's liability is reduced by the total reduction in cases, rather than by just by that subset determined to be caused by the injurer.
Under a negligence rule, overdeterrence would arguably not result if the standard of care were set accurately, the injurer could observe it, and the courts could accurately enforce it, even if the injurer pays damages higher than the harm caused by his negligence.