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To interfere with the legally protected interest of another or to inflict harm on someone, for which an action may be brought. To damage or impair.

The term injure is comprehensive and can apply to an injury to a person or property.


Tort Law.


(Harm), verb abuse, aggravate, blemish, bruise, brutalize, cripple, damage, debase, debilitate, deface, disfigure, do harm to, endanger, eviscerate, harrow, hit, hurt, ill treat, ill use, impair, inflict, inflict pain, lacerate, maim, maltreat, mangle, mar, mishandle, mistreat, misuse, molest, mutilate, spoil, violate, vitiate, wound


(Persecute), verb affront, annoy, asperse, blacken, calumniate, defame, denigrate, disadvantage, insult, libel, malign, offend, oppress, prejudice, slander, subvert, traduce, vilify, wrong
See also: abuse, aggravate, annoy, brutalize, damage, debase, debilitate, deface, disable, disadvantage, endanger, eviscerate, harm, harrow, impair, inflict, insult, maim, maltreat, mishandle, mistreat, misuse, molest, mutilate, offend, persecute, spoil, subvert, sully, victimize, violate, vitiate
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based on the low lost income), injurers are underdeterred and take
Our third case is where prospective injurers can predict the precise harm perfectly, but they must incur a cost to do so.
The analysis below will show why it is the ex-ante rule that would provide efficient incentives to the doctor in Example 1 as well as to injurers in other negligence cases.
aggregation the injurer never pays and is underdeterred, while with
Chapter 9 reconsiders liability rules when injurers are firms that maximize profits instead of individuals that maximize utility.
For this class of products, the consumer expectations test provides a bright line rule that informs potential victims and potential injurers of the likely outcome of a products liability lawsuit.
that tort law makes an injurer directly accountable to the person she
we sue injurers rather than cheapest cost avoiders?
More than 4 million man-hours have been achieved without loss time injurers.
The Institution urged the competent bodies to promptly open an independent investigation in the two tragic incidents and to hold accountable and to impeach the killers of the policeman and the civilian and the injurers of the Asian national.
This is when you learn to look at perpetrators, offenders, and injurers in a different way and not in a black-and-white manner in order to grow in empathy and compassion toward them and yourself," says Schmidt.
189, 189 (2009) ("Ideally, from an economic perspective, both the negative and positive externalities should be internalized by those who produce them, for with full internalization, injurers and benefactors alike would behave efficiently.