injurious to health

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Justice Junaid Ghaffar heard a petition against the sale of 'gutka, mainpuri' and other items injurious to health.
Gul Mohammad gave an example of Saudi Arabia saying that if polio vaccine was injurious to health then Saudi Arabia, which is a leading Muslim country, would never have made it mandatory for its citizens and for pilgrims.
Solid waste and garbage in streets and roads is creating environmental pollution which is hazardous and injurious to health.
It is mentioned on packaging of pan masala, supari and alcoholic drinks that their consumption is injurious to health.
Shopkeeper Mahesh Patel, 48, of Heol Faen, Maesteg, admitted three charges, one under the Trade Marks Act, one under the Food Safety Act and the third under European Food Regulations that he did expose for sale unsafe food products described as "vodka", which was injurious to health.
This notion debunks the popular myth that eggs have bad cholesterol that is injurious to health.
Yes, smoking is injurious to health but while it's legal, let's not be too draconian in persuading smokers to quit.
Those laws define an adulterant as an added substance that is "deleterious" and may render food injurious to health.
Abdul Wali Hayati said eating of infected meat was extremely injurious to health.
The minister added that the virgin plastic bags are not per-se injurious to health or hazardous to environment as Plastic is a chemically inert substance, but recycled / coloured bags are.
All forms of tobacco use are potentially injurious to health and may lead to addiction, including the smoking of tobacco through a little pipe or 'midwakh.
President Mukherjee said the Constitution of India, in Article 47, specifically directs the State to prohibit the consumption of intoxicating drinks and drugs that are injurious to health.