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He also denied false imprisonment - that he "assaulted and unlawfully and injuriously imprisoned and detained" the man against his will.
The same study, in a chapter called "In the Classroom With Children Under Thirteen Years of Age," said: "Before the child enters school his mind has already been profoundly marked, and often injuriously by earlier influences .
stating "[o]n the other hand, the law is plainly concerned with the outward conduct of citizens in so far as the conduct injuriously affects the rights of other citizens").
Also, no one can interfere with the source of supply of this stream, regardless of how far it may be from the place of use, and whether it flows on the surface or underground, in such a manner as will diminish the quantity or injuriously affect the quality of the water of these established rights.
Polarization of wealth] affects injuriously every citizen, unless it be the few who fatten at the expense of the many.
Over the time, we have had bitter experiences of mad political ventures that in the end boomeranged injuriously even on their protagonists.
dissenting), (explaining that the damages expert sought to establish the last element of liability--higher prices--which he did by comparing benchmark counties, which provided "evidence that Comcast's anticompetitive conduct, which led to a 60% market share, caused the class to suffer injuriously higher prices").
The officers will appear at Stafford Crown Court on October 14, charged with unlawfully and injuriously imprisoning a man and detaining him against his will.
Andrew Wagg, 28, and Louise Taylor, 34, have been suspended by West Midlands Police following allegations of "unlawfully and injuriously imprisoning a man and detaining him against his will".
Each may use them as the common atmosphere; but none can injuriously interrupt their progress, or render them unfit for common use.
And yet, in such a system, it is even happy when such compromises can take place: for upon some occasions things will not admit of accommodation; and then the measures of government must be injuriously suspended, or fatally defeated.
and] very injuriously affected the scenes in which she appeared".